Ultrafine Copper Oxychloride
  • Ultrafine Copper Oxychloride

Ultrafine Copper Oxychloride

Product description: 

Ultrafine copper oxychloride; 

Superfine basic cupric chloride; 

Ultrafine Tri basic copper chloride; Ultrafine TBCC.

CAS no.: 1332-40-7

Product specification: 5000meshes

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Purity (Cu%)

Particle size range (μm)

Water (%)


≥ 57.5


≤ 3.0




  • As an agriculture fungicide

  • As a pigment

  • As a pigment and as a colorant for glass and ceramics In pyrotechnics

  • As a blue/green coloring agents in pyrotechnics

  • As a catalyst As a commercial feed supplement

Copper oxychloride can be used as fungicide

Crops can be used including 

Tomato, Pear, Peach, Aplle, Plum, Mango, Cherry, Avocado, Banana, Bean, Carrot, Celery, Pea, Grape, Lettuce, Olive, Lychee, Potato, Pumpkin, and many other fruit and vegetable.

Product Explanation:

Molecular formula: CuCl2.3Cu(OH)2;CuCl2.XCuO.4H2O;Cu2(OH)3Cl

Molecular weight: 445.00

Physic-chemical Properties: 

Light green powder. Stable in the air,insoluble in water and organic solvents, but soluble in ammonia and acid.

Packing, storage and shipping: 

Plastic woven bag or cardboard packing, with plastic inside, net weight of each bag 25kg or 50kg.

Stored in a ventilated and dry warehouse.Keep dry in the transportation.

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