Ultrafine Cuprous Oxide
  • Ultrafine Cuprous Oxide

Ultrafine Cuprous Oxide

Product description:

Superfine Cuprous Oxide;

Ultrafine Red Copper Oxide;

Ultrafine Copper protoxie;

Ultrafine  Copper Suboxide

CAS no.: 1317-39-1
Product Specification:  Diameter 1~3 μm

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     Ultrafine cuprous  Oxide

Excellent grade



     Particle diameter size(μm) ≤


     Total reduction rate (by Cu2O) ≥


     Metal Cu ≤


     Cu2O ≥


     Total Cu ≥


Product Explanation:
Molecular formula: Cu2O
Molecular weight: 143.08
Appearance: Red or dark red octahedral crystal powder. Become blue quickly in water, gradually oxidized to black copper oxide in wet air.

Product use: For the manufacture of hull bottom antifouling paint (to kill low-level marine animals).Used as fungicides, feed additives, colorants for ceramics, enamels and red glass, also for the manufacture of various copper salts, analytical reagents and used for rectification plating in the electrical industry.

Packing, storage and shipping: Aluminum foil packaging,2kg or external membrane paper with inner plastic bag, 10kg, 20kg. Sealled packaging. Store in a cool & dry place.

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