Successfully developed ultrafine nickle coated cobalt powder

Jan. 23, 2017

With the rapid development of science and technology, and different requirements of material ,researchers have more interesting on ultra-fine particles, which have a small apparent size effect and surface effect. The crystal grain provides a broad prospect for the development of new materials with character such as small grain size and uniform, low degree of agglomeration, large surface area, high chemical activity of the powder.Ultrafine Ni-Co alloy powder having different properties from due nickel, cobalt metal powder special properties(physical, chemical and mechanical properties) from element Ni-Co mental powder and its special surface magnetism have widely prospect in cemented carbide magnetic materials, catalysts, batteries, for example,the wide use in electric products such as cobalt magnetic memory,magnetic cards due to grain refinement.

Cemented carbide

Since the cobalt metal is expensive and scarce , people are trying to find substitute ,the common replacement is nickel and iron.But iron carbide as a binder generally with low mechanical strength, pure nickel as hard binder phase of the alloy, its physical and mechanical properties can’t compare with cobalt property and difficult to handle its process.Thus ,the way of alloyed dispersion strengthened binder has always been a basic point of making a new generation of cemented carbide.To overcome the shortcomings of pure nickel as metal bonding, and to save cobalt metal, many countries have conducted studies to use nickel partially replace cobalt , and achieved good results.The research results of Sandvik,a Swedish company,according to P30 alloy showed that the sensitivity of the gap from knife tool increase with adhesive binding metal nickel content.And others found that no matter ,After sintering an hour at 1400 degrees regardless of the binder metal content of nickel, the alloy can reach one hundred percent densification.

Metal-hydride electrode

The hydrogen-absorbing alloy is capable of storing a large number of hydrogen atoms in the gap of crystal,which can invert absorb and give out hydrogen ,such as can store hydrogen that much more of itself volume and strong ability of absorbing it better than liquid hydrogen and solid hydrogen.It is safe and light. The practical hydrogen storage alloy need to have some characters,such as can store large amount of hydrogen,easily activate,moderate dissociation pressure ,fast react of absorption and desorption at room temperature,low cost and long life.

Alloy coating

Nickel-cobalt alloy plating (nickel-cobalt ratio is more than 7: 3) showed a bluish-white, is one of good alloy coating for corrosion resistance. It applied to electroplating of the watch and bicycle parts, etc. As semi-bright nickel plating - nickel or nickel - copper and chromium plating, it has well weldability, very suitable for use in electronic components and printed circuit boards. Since the addition of cobalt, it improved the gloss of nickel plating, made it more fullness and increased the rigidity and strength of pure nickel layer, but low to contact resistance, so it not only as a protective decorative coating, but also as a mechanical plating to use. Because of its higher hardness, it can be used for plating.

Magnetic material

Current magnetic recording technology has become an important part of the new information technology, the main requirement is to improve the magnetic recording density, recording capacity and miniaturization of the recording apparatus, which raise higher requirements for the magnetic recording medium and the magnetic recording head. Because the nickel-cobalt alloy has the characteristics of critical anisotropy and low thermal conductivity, it has become a very important magnetic materials, especially in terms of magnetostrictive sensor material.


Nitrous oxide as byproduct of circulating fluidized bed combustion engine, automobile exhaust gas, the production of fatty acids, often release into the atmosphere. The nitrous oxide can catalyze for greenhouse effect and the reaction of the destruction of ozone in the atmosphere. Therefore, from the environmental point of view, should make it exploded before the nitrous oxide into the atmosphere. Nickel and cobalt have catalytic action for the decomposition of nitrous oxide, but the catalytic action of nickel-cobalt alloy powder for this decomposition reaction is more pronounced.

Per long-term efforts of our R & D department, we have successfully developed mass production technology of nano Ni - coated copper powder and has been put into the market.

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