Copper Oxide Nanorods
  • Copper Oxide Nanorods
  • Copper Oxide Nanorods

Copper Oxide Nanorods

Product description: 

Copper oxide nanorods;Nano CuO;

CuO nanorods;Copper oxide nanowires; 

Nanometer cupric oxide; Nano-copper oxide;

CAS no. : 1317-38-0

Product specification:

Diameter 40~60nm; Length 1~2μm

New product: Nano copper oxide powder of 40-60nm shape of spherical

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Specific surface area








Porous nanorods




  • Fungicide

  • Antibacterial fiber

  • Rayon industry

  • Wood preservative concentrate

  • Add in thin film for solar cells

  • Mineral supplements of copper in diet of animals

  • A continuous addition of copper source of PCB Semiconductor materials; catalysis, superconductivity

  • Ceramic industry for imparting blue, green or red tints

  • Desulfurization, Denitrification, Eliminate carbon monoxide

Product Explanation:

Molecular formula: CuO

Molecular weight: 79.55

Appearance: Dark brown or black powder

Product use:

As an important inorganic material to be used widely in the fields of semiconductor material, catalysis, superconductivity, ceramics; As a catalyst & catalyst support and electrode active material; For glass and porcelain’s colorant; Used as polishing agent of optical glass; As a good catalyst of organic synthesis; desulfurizing agent and hydrogenating agent for oils; To manufacture artificial stone and other copper oxides; For the manufacture of rayon and used for gas analysis and measuring organic compounds; Also as the burning rate catalyst of rocket propellant; Nano copper oxide powders have better catalytic activity and selectivity than copper oxide powder, and also in other application performance, like magnetic materials, optical absorption, thermal resistance, paint additives, antibacterial materials, sensor materials and so on.

Packing, storage and shipping:

Aluminum foil packaging, 1kg, 2kg, 10kg. Seal packaging. 

Store in a cool &dry place. Do not contact with the deoxidizer.

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