Application of Copper Oxide Nanorods in Various Fields Patent

Mar. 30, 2017

Copper Oxide Nanorods in the application of nickel metal hydride batteries: nano copper oxide containing nickel metal hydride batteries anode material add the negative 3-10wt.% Model VK-Cu01 Nano-copper oxide, that can effectively improve the battery’s specific energy, power, negative performance and reduce the weight of negative battery. CuO Nanorods doped effect on the properties of hydrogen storage alloy electrode. Researches show that copper pxide is reduced to the low valence state is deposited on the surface of the alloy particles. Because the specific capacity of copper oxide is much larger than alloy, the reserve capacity of alloy can be adjusted by doping copper oxide. The electrochemical test results show that the doped alloy electrode has better high charge rate and discharge performance. The results of EIS analysis show that the conductivity of doped alloy electrode is enhanced and the electrochemical activity is improved.

Copper Oxide Nanorods

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