Ultrafine Copper Power Function Configuration

Apr. 07, 2017

Ultrafine Copper Powder is purple brown or brown powder. It used as a microelectronic device manufacturing, also can be used for carbon dioxide and hydrogen synthesis of methanol and other reactions in the catalyst process. It also used in oil lubricants, medicine, electroplating, paint industry. 

Superfine Copper Powder has good conductivity, and it is high strength nano copper indispensable basic raw material. Because of its excellent electrical property, widely used in conductive adhesives, coatings and electrode materials, in recent years it found that can be used for the catalysts production, lubricants additives, and even can be used for the osteoporosis treatment, fractures and so on. Ultrafine particle material refers to a powder whose particle size is between 1-100nm, also known as a nano particle material. Nano particles have small size effects, large specific surface and macroscopic quantum tunneling effects, and thus nanotubes show many excellent property that are not available for micron-grade powders.

Ultrafine Copper Powder

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