The Application of CuO Nanorods

Jul. 22, 2017

CuO Nanorods are semiconductor materials. As an important inorganic materials in the field of catalysis, it can made of superconductivity, ceramics etc. it is widely used. Copper Oxide Nanorods are used as catalyst and carrier and electrode active material, as glass, porcelain colorant, optical glass polishing agent, organic synthesis catalyst, desulfurization agent, hydrogenated oil agent. Manufacturing artificial gem and other Copper Nanoparticle will need it. They are also used in the manufacture of rayon, and gas analysis and determination of organic compounds, as a rocket propellant burning rate catalyst. The nano copper oxide powder has better catalytic activity and selectivity and other application properties than large-size copper oxide powder. Some time CuO will be required in magnetic materials, optical absorption, thermal resistance, coating additives, antibacterial materials, sensing materials and so on.

CuO Nanorods


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