80% Bordeaux liquid wettable powder

Jul. 22, 2019

The latest 80% Bordeaux liquid wettable powder is the latest product developed by experts from Shenyang Agricultural University and Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences for many years. The formula of this product has made breakthrough progress. Especially for the pathogenesis of tobacco bacterial and fungal diseases and the growth law of tobacco plants, it has broad-spectrum bactericidal properties, and has good control effect on many diseases of tobacco, such as tobacco horn spot, wildfire, brown spot, anthrax, gray mildew and so on. In addition, many experiments and applications show that the product has good control effect on tobacco climate. Spot disease also has obvious preventive effect.

Three advantages over other manufacturers:

1. The particle size of copper ion is nanometer and the specific surface area of the preparation is large, so the surface area of the preparation contacted with the pathogen is greatly increased, and the ductility is also enhanced. Its germicidal performance is more prominent and the control effect is more remarkable. At the same time, the adhesion and permeability of drugs on the surface of crops are greatly enhanced, which reduces the loss of chemicals and the effect of chemicals on crops will last longer.

2. The pH value of the solution is neutral and can be used in combination with a variety of insecticides and fungicides, which is convenient and safe. At the same time, due to the increase of surface area, the efficacy of the solution is fully exerted, and the residues of traditional Chinese medicines in tobacco plants and soil are minimized.            

3. Many kinds of medium and micronutrient elements were added to the product, which could improve the quality of tobacco leaves and the induced resistance of tobacco plants.

Usage method:

The seeds were sprayed once in the seedbed before transplanting, and sprayed once in the sprout stage, the vigorous growth stage and the mature stage. In the early stage of the disease, the interval period was 7~10 days, the growth period of tobacco leaves could be used for 2~3 times, and the diluted 500~750 times liquid spray.           

Packaging Specification: 100g x 100 bags

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