Look at The Advantages and Disadvantages of Nano Product

Aug. 28, 2017

With the rapid development of nanotechnology, more and more Nano Products come into our life. It is estimated that more than 250 kinds of consumer products use nano silver in the world, like kitchen utensils, food additives and bags, furniture, cosmetics, baby articles, door handles, etc.

Some people think that metal silver is harmless to health, however, this view ignores the difference between nano silver and metal silver. Nano silver also has some special properties that metal silver does not have. Some others think nanoparticle silver is harmful to human health and environment. 

But any new technology with its enormous advantages, must be accompanied by potential dangers. This is not only what nanotechnology has. The more information we have about the technical risk, the more information we get to use this technology successful, and realize its benefits. Canfuo Nanotechnology Co., Ltd is China leading manufacturer and supplier of Copper Nanoparticle, ultrafine nickel coated copper powder, basic copper chlorid and so on.

Copper Nanoparticle

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