Welcome to visit our booth 9B326 on 89th China Electronics Fair

Mar. 07, 2017

Exhibition name: 89th International Electronics Exhibition
Time: 9/4/2017-11/4/2017
Place: Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center(China)
Our booth: 9B326

Electronic products need to combine with new technology or will out of date.Thus our company try a new way to combine nanometer powder with electronic of its charactor such as better electronic and heat conduction.

Copper Nanoparticle and ultrafine particle used for the production of microelectronic device,also used in the manufacture of multilayer ceramic capacitor of the terminal.

Copper oxide nanowires used in the fields of semiconductor material,superconductivity,electrode active material,thermal resistance,sensor material,also as the burning rate catalyst of rocket propellant.

Nickle nanoparticle and ultrafine particle used in electrode materials,as high efficiency catalyst,conductive paste,sintering additive,metal and nonmetallic conductive coating processing,absorbing materials,magnetofluid,and accelerant.

Nano nickle coated copper powder and ultrafine nickle coated copper powder used as conductive and thermal material of silicone rubber,used in electronic conductive and heat conductive materials.

Copper carbonate basic nanorods and ultrafine copper carbonate basic used as continuously copper source of PCB plating.

Nano nickle coated cobalt powder and ultrafine nickle coated cobalt powder used in hard alloy,hydrogen alloy electrode,alloy coating,magnetic materials and catalyst.

Copper hydroxide nanowires used in electrocondution slurry.

We will wait your visit and hope to improve us together.

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