Where Does Copper Nanoparticle Can be Used In?

Mar. 10, 2017

Copper Nanoparticle has suitable particle fineness, high purity, good particle size, easy to disperse, has capable to composite antioxidant and easy to storage and use. Its application are as follows:

1.Ultrafine Copper Powder has good thermal conductivity, oily and can transfer information.

2.It can used for precision grinding and equipment.

3.Through engine maintenance, metal surface friction wear-resistant copper alloy form protective layer to improve accuracy and performance indicators.

4.Copper nano powder has high active and bactericidal property submicron copper, which can kill bacteria and viruses efficiently.

5.It can combine with iron, aluminum and other metal materials to be wear resistant material in machining industry.

6.Cu nanoparticle is a conductive composite material in electronic industry.

Copper Nanoparticle

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