Catalyzer Copper Nanoparticle Description and Application

Mar. 13, 2017

The appearance of catalyzer Copper Nanoparticle is powder, particle size <20nm, 40nm, 70nm, 100nm, 250nm. Copper Nano Powder can be used as conductive paste and high conductive filler, replace metal powder can reduce the cost. This is high efficiency catalysts. It is suitable for micron electronic machine production. Cu nanoparticles is new specific medicine additive used for osteoporosis and hyperostosis treatment. When it add to lubricant oil, it will form lubricating itself in friction course, and repair coating itself, this improve anti-wear capability obviously. If it add to various metal mechanical equipment friction lubricant, make the wearing part repair by itself, save energy and improve maintenance period and service life.

Copper Nanoparticle

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