High-definition Infrared Micro-imaging Resolution Breakthrough To 70nm

Mar. 20, 2017

The European Union member composed scientific research team and has broken the nanometer scale clear infrared microscopy imaging technology successfully. Currently in market the commercially available infrared microsurgery technology, with a resolution of between 50-100um, is limited in the study of high-resolution microsurgery in the internal structure of cells. Research team use the world’s most advanced infrared micro-technology combined with infrared spectrometer technology, increase the resolution to 70nm, increased nearly 1000 times, this means that the realization of human tissue cells within the high definition microscopic imaging technology breakthrough, can be effectively observed in the cell within the biochemical evolution process. For example, new technological breakthroughs can help further research into emerging Nanometer Products materials. Expected major application of ew nano-infrared microscopy is materials science, Nano Pesticide Technical Material, biochemistry, cell, industrial product quality testing and so on.

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