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Mar. 24, 2017

Particulate matter (PM) pollution is harmful to human health and has become the most talked about environmental issues. In particular, PM2.5 is smaller and more harmful due to its ability to enter the human respiratory system or even the circulatory system. This issue has also aroused the concern of materials science researchers. Recently, the material reported the use of new materials to filter PM2.5 air purification. The author focus on the recycling of pollutants. The diesel engine idling in the tail gas produced by the particles, after an hour of collection can be 4-5mg of PM2.5 samples, finally obtain Nanometer Products particles. May be it can help to control air pollution and renewable energy use. Canfuo has been in line of Ultrafine Products, nano pesticide technical material, nano products, copper nanoparticle for many years. They can used in medicine, electric, pesticide and other fields. More details, please feel free to contact us.

Nanometer Products

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