Why We Use Copper Nanoparticle?

May. 20, 2017

    Copper Nanoparticle is made of nano-materials,with superplastic ductility.

  Productions made of nanomaterials have many peculiar properties.For example,nano-copper has superplastic ductility,at the temperature of general room it can be stretched more than 50 times without cracks.Recently,the French National Research Center researchers found that the average volume of only 80 nm copper nanocrystal mechanical has amazing properties,the intensity is not only 3 times higher than ordinary copper,the deformation is very uniform,but there is no obvious regional narrowing phenomenon.This is the first time that scientists have observed such a perfect elastoplastic behavior.This mechanical property of copper nanocrystals opens up a bright future for the productions of elastomeric materials at room temperature.

  When used as the hot hydrogen generator,gel propellant,combustion active agent,catalyst,water cleaning adsorbent,sintering active agent,Nano-copper more actively reacts with oxygen than ordinary copper.

  Nano-copper copper atoms and ordinary copper atoms are the same,but nano-copper particles are smaller.

  Nano-copper presents a more actively chemical nature than ordinary copper,and even changes the inherent nature of the material, but copper nanoparticle does not change the material state.

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Copper Nanoparticle

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