Application of Nickel Nanoparticle

May. 17, 2017

Suzhou Changhu Nano Technology Co., Ltd., mainly engaged in nano-copper powder, ferrous acetate, basic copper chloride, copper oxychloride, the company's production of nickel nanoparticles a wide range of applications.
1. Activated sintering additives: in the powder metallurgy significantly reduce the powder metallurgy products and high temperature ceramic products sintering temperature, while significantly improving the mechanical properties of products after sintering.
2. Welding adhesive: nickel nanoparticles for stainless steel and metal titanium welding adhesive.
3. High efficiency catalyst: nickel nanoparticles have a strong catalytic effect, can be used for organic hydrogenation, automobile exhaust treatment.
4. Biomedical areas: Nickel nanoparticles are widely used as a carrier for various anticancer drugs as magnetic materials to form a magnetic targeting system. Magnetic microspheres made of magnetic nanoparticles of nickel nanoparticles can also be widely used in Magnetic immune cell isolation, magnetic resonance imaging imaging and so on. The use of nickel nanoparticles in the magnetic field under the addition of alternating electromagnetic field can produce heat characteristics, kill tumor cells, to achieve the purpose of treatment of cancer.
5. Magnetic fluid: with iron, cobalt, nickel and its alloy powder production of magnetic fluid performance is excellent, widely used in sealing shock absorption, medical equipment, sound regulation, light display.
6. Nano-level nickel powder on the electromagnetic wave has a strong absorption capacity, can be used for military stealth areas.

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