Superfine Copper Powder Is Successfully Applicated in Antibacterial Fabrics

Aug. 10, 2017

A Chinese Company cooperated with Suzhou Canfuo Nanotechnology Co., Ltd, using acrylic fibers, dacron, chinlon and polypropylene fiber mixed respectively with superfine copper powder (Ultrafine Copper Powder)to make master batch which can be generated into fibers by melting in high temperature and then through Spinneret hole with high pressure. The fibers are woven to fabrics.

So far, it has been already tested repeatedly and turned out that it can kill 90% bacteria. A new kind of antibacterial fabrics was invented. The principle of killing bacteria is that the tiny amount of super copper powder added in the fabrics has excellent function killing and anti-bacteria ability.

This new kind of antibacterial fabrics has many advantages:

1. Copper is essential microelements to human’s body , this antibacterial fabric does no harm to human’s health and can protect people’s health from bacteria.

2. As superfine copper powder is much more cost-effective than silver, it will be more affordable than antibacterial fabrics with silver.

In the near future, there will be a expected big market for this new kind of antibacterial fabrics which can applicated widely in many fields like sheets in hospitals, towels, table cloth, people’s clothes, etc , to help anti bacteria and prevent the spread of bacteria.

Ultrafine Copper Powder

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