Copper Oxide Nanorods and Copper Carbonate Basic Can Be Used as Oil Desulfurization Agent

Aug. 15, 2017

Copper Oxide Nanorods and Copper Carbonate Basic can be used as oil desulfurization agent.

As with low-sulfur crude oil becoming less and less, high-sulfur crude oil like shale oil are attracting more and more attention, thus, desulfurization becoming paticular important as sulfur in the crude oil can be burned into SO2 which can form acid rain and pollute the environment.

Copper oxide nanorods from Suzhou Canfuo Nanotechnology are with great chemical activity. It can turn the sulphur in the crude oil into CuS which can be precipitated and seperated from oil. By this way, the process of oil desulfurization is simpfied. It have been tested a preliminary excellent effect by a Chinese oil refinery, high effiency and low-cost, are hopefully enter into massive industrial application, which is of great social significance.

Copper Oxide Nanorods


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