Nanometer Copper Oxide is an Important Functional Nanomaterials

Apr. 27, 2017

The method of preparing nano copper oxide by pyrolysis of copper complex has the interest of high yield, non-toxic, harmless and cheap. Nanometer Copper Oxide is an important functional nano materials. Researchers have used various methods to prepare nano copper oxide with different morphology And structure, including copper oxide nanoparticles, Copper Oxide Nanorods, nanotubes and nanowires. The morphology and structure of the prepared nanometer copper oxide differ in its physical and chemical properties, which makes it dangerous valuable in many fields, such as biomedical, sensor and catalytic The preparation and treatment of nano-copper oxide are determined by the morphology and structure of the prepared nano-copper oxide. Therefore, it has great Significance to study the preparation of nanometer copper oxide by different preparation methods.

Copper Oxide Nanorods

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