Application of Copper Oxide Nanowires

May. 02, 2017

Researchers at the University of Texas say that with Copper Oxide Nanorods and sunlight, they are conducting groundbreaking research on the production of liquid methanol with carbon dioxide, they try new ways to be safer, simpler and cheaper. The researchers first plated copper oxide nanorods on the surface of copper oxide microcrystals. And then in the laboratory, they will be composed of two kinds of copper oxide array of nanorods soaked in carbon dioxide-rich aqueous solution, and the use of artificial sunlight, the occurrence of photoelectrochemical reaction, the carbon dioxide in aqueous solution into methanol. It is possible to produce in the extreme environment will not crack the ultra-precision instruments and electronic components. Copper Oxide Nanowires can also be used for superconductivity, thermal resistance, coating additives, antibacterial materials, magnetic materials and so on.

Copper Oxide Nanorods

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