What is The Characteristics of Copper Oxide Nanorods?

May. 04, 2017

Copper oxide powder is a brown black powder, density is 6.3-6.4kg/cm3, melting point is 1326℃, soluble in dilute acid, NH4CI, potassium cyanide solution, insoluble in water, in alcohol dissolve slowly. High temperature by hydrogen or carbon monoxide, can be reduced to metal copper. The use of copper oxide is wide, as an important inorganic materials in the catalytic, superconductivity, ceramics and other fields are widely used. It can be used as a catalyst and catalyst carrier and electrode activation material, but also as a rocket propellant, which as the main component of catalyst. Copper Oxide Nanorods has better catalytic activity and selectivity as well as other properties than large size copper oxide powder. Nano Copper Oxide is between 1 and 100nm, and compared with ordinary copper oxide, it has advantages of surface effect, quantum size effect, volume effect and so on. It has excellent physical and chemical properties, so nano copper oxide concerned about by people, and become a very wide range of inorganic materials. 

Copper Oxide Nanorods

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