Some Details of Ultrafine Copper Powder

May. 08, 2017

Ultrafine Copper Powder is superfine copper powder, it used as a microelectronic device for the manufacture of multi-layer ceramic capacitors for the terminal, also can be used for carbon dioxide and hydrogen synthesis of methanol and other reactions in the catalyst process. It widely used as oil lubricants and medicine, electroplating, paint industry.

Industrial production of ultrafine materials are freeze-drying method, precipitation conversion method, laser gas phase synthesis method, ultrasonic method, uniform precipitation method, reduction a protection method. The above mentioned laws, some need a huge equipment, some complex, and some high cost of preparation, some pass rate and low yield. The preparation of Nano Copper Powder by liquid chemical reduction has its unique advantages, such as simple equipment, short process flow, small investment, large output, low cost and easy industrial production. At present, the reducing agents used include formaldehyde, ascorbic acid, but some of these reducing agents are highly toxic and some have poor reducing ability, so fine a more appropriate reducing agent or compound reducing agent.

Ultrafine Copper Powder

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