Ultrafine Copper Hydroxide Application

May. 11, 2017

Ultrfine Copper Powder, used as analytical reagents, but also for medicine, pollution-free pesticides. Superfine Cupric Hydroxide can be used as a catalyst, mordant, pigments, feed additives, paper stains and so on. It is the main raw materials of preparation of new pollution-free green low-toxicity fungicide. 

Copper preparations have been more than 100 years of sterilization application history, so far no virus resistance. Among them, copper hydroxide is widely used in plants, virus prevention and control of broad-spectrum fungicides, inorganic copper is also a rookie. Copper is also one of the trace elements that human body needs, is the Ministry of Agriculture recommended one of the pollution-free products, it also Europe and US to promote the protection of green environmental protection fungicide.

Ultrfine Copper Powder

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